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Den Of Souvenir x Warrior Shanghai

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For our latest collaboration, we teamed up with Chang Mai based publishing house, souvenir shop and clothing store Den Souvenir. We’ve been amazed by their wide variety of cool and weird items for a while now, so we’re proud to present this capsule. The collection consists of a t-shirt, a cap and a candle and the design draws from traditional Thai horoscopes, mixed with our motto: ‘international friendship’. We asked them a couple of questions. 

- What is the story behind Den Souvenir? Can you tell us a little about the shop started? 

The simple way to describe Den souvenir is an independent book and souvenir store.

The idea behind it is that I just wanted to curate a cool store which have never had in Thailand. I always searching for this kind of store when I visit to other places. So why not just make one here in my hometown.

- Where does the name stand for? Can you tell us a bit about the souvenir idea? 

Den came from the word den which mean cave or a hideout, a room example like den of tiger, den of thieves. We want this place to be a hang out spot for our local underground comunity. We started of as a publishing house as we have alot of underground artist friends and then we have an opportunity to open a shop and our store is happened to be in one of tourist landmark in Chiang and we think selling and making a cool souvenir product it woulld help us keep the business going. 

- You stock some really cool vintage souvenirs, how do you find all these sick items? 

Yeah about that, we mostly went to our local market to hunt for some weird and crazy items all the time. We love going to market. 

- You stock a wide variety of items. Would you say there is one thing all items have in common? 

Maybe 4 things which are fun, weird, cool and unique. 

- Do you have any particular source of inspiration for your items? 

We are always looking for some cool old Thai graphic and weird object as our inspiration for our items. 

- Is there any project or plan you really really dream of doing? 

There are so many projects and plans we would love to do a head in the future. We are thanksful that we have been given a lot of opportunity to work with so many great friends and masters in this past year as well as we have a lot of plan and things to work with next year with all the great and crazy artist and brand around the worlds we cannot wait to annouce it. Thank you so much Woody for this fun project. 

- Do you feel a special connection to Chiang Mai? Did you get a warm reception when you opened your doors and what is the city like? 

Yes of coruse, I feel special conection with this town. Chiang mai is where i live for almost my whole life. Chiang mai is a very small town. It is very chillax to live here and very beautiful, it is good for a vacation but when come to business like this it is super hard to get local people to understand what are we doing.  

- You have some interesting publishing work, what is the art scene like in Chiang Mai? 

Sad to say. It is pretty conservative actually. People are still closed minded but we are still lucky that we have friends in common and internet to help us expose our work. Thank you wifi 

- What are some Chiang Mai or Thailand based artists/writers/musicians we should check out? 

Yeah definately:


















The collection is available through our website and through @densouvenir. Check out the new items here! Make sure to check out Den Souvenir and their amazing items!