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WIKSET x Warrior Shanghai

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To celebrate Wiki’s new album 'Half God’, Warrior Shanghai and Wiki teamed up for a very special project. Based on his Puerto Rican/Irish roots and Warrior Shanghai being China Town’s favourite sneaker since the 80’s, we designed a collection featuring a pair of shoes, a hat and a tee.
Wiki has become a fixture of New York City Hip Hop since he founded the boundary defying group Ratking at 17 years old. The aggressive style represented a new generation of city kids and artists hungry for innovation and raw energy. The epicentre of Wiki and the group's artistic expression was Chinatown, NYC. Ratking’s breakout single was called “Canal” named after the iconic, bustling Chinatown street, where boroughs collide and surreal transactions take place. Coming of age in the neighbourhood and living there while creating his solo albums inevitably laced his music with the culture that permeates the singularly New York, Chinese neighbourhood. His song Chinatown Swing  , off his first LP “No Mountains in Manhattan”, creates the image of walking through the neighbourhood and the people and places one may encounter. When painting lyrical pictures of New York scenes, Wiki’s skill as a storyteller and visionary shines bright. He solidifies his role in carrying the torch for NYC’s master MC’s, while representing for the freaks, weirdos and underbelly culture.
At Warrior we try to bring a classic, everyday life sense of style and functionality in a way that matches Wiki’s art and upbringing. Warrior’s collaboration with Wiki intends to pay homage to these characteristics, inspiring him to utilise an art project that began as a visual identity in the Ratking days: the Wiki Flag. The green and orange are derived from his mother’s Irish heritage, while set in the shape of the Puerto Rican flag to honour his paternal roots. Two ancestries that, like Chinese, are vital to New York City culture and history. The asterisk symbolises the creative energy and the soul at the core of it all.
The Warrior x Wiki collection will be available the 2nd of October in our Amsterdam store, online and at selected retailers. Be swift: all items are limited!